2nd Birthday Without You

July 20, 2019

My Dearest Aily,

This is our 2nd birthday apart, and it sucks just as much as the 1st one. It feels wrong celebrating this day alone. The knot in my stomach (no, it’s not my IBS), the sadness in my heart, and the longing to be with you again, hurts the most today. It will always be our birthday, never just mine. Even though we cannot celebrate this day together anymore, it will never change the fact that we came into this world together, even though we are leaving it apart.

When you left me, my world shattered into a million pieces, I have never felt so sad or so alone. You have shown me what it truly means to be brave, a warrior, my hero. I miss you every fucking day Aily, every God damned day, but today I miss you the most. I am starting to pick up the pieces, find my way. I am gonna be strong like you, make you proud of me until we meet again.

Happy Birthday Aily, me loves you, me loves you so much.

Just wanted to share some of my favorite pics of Aily

NY Oct 2017 2Dinner with Friends 6.2017IMG_0671me and aily 4th birthdayat aunt anna and uncle kevin



  1. aliesharuiz · July 20, 2019

    Happy Birthday to you and your angel. Love you ❤️

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  2. leslienapolitano · July 20, 2019

    Today is your day, please enjoy it, there are SO many people that want to see you happy ♥️♥️♥️🎂🎂🎂

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  3. joyce@joycepugsley.com · July 20, 2019

    Find something today to do for yourself.  Make it Happy ! She would have wanted this for you.  I think of you so often and especially during July.  Hugs my friend !Joyce PugsleyThought for the day:When you give cheerfully and accept gracefully,Everyone is blessed…..Maya Angelou….

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